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    Listen to me...THESE COOKIES ARE AMAZING! Even if you're not vegan. But if you ARE vegan, you will never regret your decision to become vegan because of a lack of decent cookies! Ever again! Recipe - 300g plain flour 1 tsp baking powder 3/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda 1/2 tsp salt 100g caster sugar 100g light brown sugar 120 ml vegetable oil 75ml water 1 tsp vanilla extract 100g chocolate chips of your choice! --- MERCH MERCH MERCH!: SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDS: MORE CAKE: MY TWEETS: MY INSTAGRAM: @cupcakejemma CAKESTAGRAM: @crumbsanddoilies VISIT OUR SHOP - Crumbs & Doilies 1 Kingly Court London W1B 5PW
    автор | дата 29.10.2015
    It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yup, that's right, Halloween's a-comin' and I can't wait. See what happened when I went to Crumbs & Doilies HQ to bake ...
    автор | дата 15.11.2018
    Sally and I are back to show us how to make a spectacularly flamboyant cake using a painted buttercream technique. You don't have to make it rainbowy but ...
    автор | дата 06.12.2018
    The doughnut (or donut if you prefer) might just be a round thing but it's way more versatile than you might think. Just check these out! Super Cute Christmas ...
    автор | дата 20.12.2018
    Stripy Cakes are SO HOT RIGHT NOW! But do you know what else is hot? CHRISTMAS Y'ALL! So I've combined the two in the best way I know how and I'm ...
    автор | дата 21.04.2016
    Bored of cake? No me neither, but if you did happen to get a little tired of the usual, cut-cake, eat-cake thing, then perhaps you should upgrade to a cake with a ...
    автор | дата 16.11.2018
    I have taught you lots of things now, I hope. But sometimes, you need to trust your knowledge and start inventing bakes yourself. This recipe is what happens ...
    автор | дата 03.01.2019
    Are you trying out Veganism this #veganuary? Are you already a vegan and need more tasty recipes? Are you just trying to reduce your dairy intake and need ...
    автор | дата 06.09.2018
    Why not try my Cookie Cream Pie too - Subscribe to my channel! - Check out my Merch!
    автор | дата 08.11.2018
    Here's that Toffee Apple Cake I promised you earlier this week. The perfect Autumnal celebration cake AND you get to use those Toffee Apples from Tuesday's ...
    автор | дата 31.12.2015
    Happy New Year, peeps! To celebrate the end of 2015 and the dawn of 2016 I have made this stupidly intense, rich Chocolate Truffle Cake to really knock your ...
    автор | дата 04.05.2017
    Everyone needs a good Carrot Cake recipe under their belt and THIS is all you'll ever need to make that happen! I've been making this recipe for donkey's years ...
    автор | дата 10.01.2019
    Happy Veganuary guys! I hope that the extra exposure you've been getting to the idea of being vegan is making you think about how easy it could be to make ...
    автор | дата 26.12.2013
    Hey guys, here is my recipe for making the perfect, spongy, moist chocolate cupcakes! Have a watch and let me know what you think in the descriptions box!
    автор | дата 26.05.2016
    I got loads of requests for this recipe after my Sugarpasting Masterclass video last week so I whipped this video up especially for you guys! Recipe For a 4 layer ...
    автор | дата 12.04.2018
    Try my Red Velvet CUPCAKES - Or Red Velvet COOKIES! - SUBSCRIBE to my channel ...
    автор | дата 04.09.2014
    OK - you guys have been asking for it for ages and here it is - the perfect Red Velvet Cupcake recipe. Red Velvet is definitely one of our biggest sellers at the ...
    автор | дата 16.10.2014
    There isn't a person on earth who isn't a fan of rainbows, right? Right?? Well, if there is then they must be very sad and lonely. But you and I know that rainbows ...
    автор | дата 06.03.2014
    Mmmmchocolateeee...oh, hi. Sorry I didn't see you there. I was too busy dreaming about this brownie I made. Get ready for the best brownie recipe ever. Fudgy ...
    автор | дата 04.10.2018
    These. Will. Change. Your. Life. The. End!!! - - - - RECIPE - For the Cookie Cup bit... 55g unsalted butter, soft 85g soft brown sugar 20g demerara sugar 1/2 a ...
    автор | дата 13.03.2014
    Looking for a fool-proof, perfect, light and delicious Vanilla cupcake recipe? Then look no further! I'm about to reveal a Crumbs & Doilies classic recipe that you ...
    автор | дата 21.02.2018
    Make my Apple & Cinnamon cakes - Make my Doughnuts! - SUBSCRIBE!
    автор | дата 29.11.2018
    It's time to get in to the Holiday spirit! I have got heaps of festive baking ideas coming your way over the next few weeks, starting with these Chocolate Christmas ...
    автор | дата 02.11.2017
    Hey guys! I get so many requests for Macarons so I'm going to start with full guide to technique and a go-to macaron recipe that'll come out perfect every time.
    автор | дата 17.11.2016
    Is grainy, lumpy, stodgy buttercream getting you down? Do you long to be able to make yours light, creamy, whippy and delicious every time? Well now you can ...
    автор | дата 16.08.2018
    Raspberry Goo Recipe - Subscribe to my channel - Check out my wicked Merch!
    автор | дата 26.07.2018
    Eton Mess Recipe - Meringue Poops - SUBSCRIBE to my channel ...
    автор | дата 02.08.2018
    Try my Soft Choc Chip Cookies too - Or my Cookie Cream Pie! - Subscribe to my channel ...
    автор | дата 13.09.2018
    Try my Strawberries & Cream Cupcakes - Subscribe to my channel - Check out my ...
    автор | дата 20.04.2017
    This week I'm upping my Unicorn game to bring you another version of Unicorn Cupcakes but this time they have cute little magical horns and cute little ears ...
    автор | дата 02.10.2018
    WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! We've been working on it for some time and we are so excited to share it with you. There are heaps of new things available ...
    автор | дата 19.05.2016
    Want to learn how to cover your layer cakes with sugarpaste and get perfect, professional looking finishes? My mate Sally (Head of the Crumbs & Doilies ...
    автор | дата 20.09.2018
    See more Behind The Scenes - Subscribe to my channel - Check out my MERCH!
    автор | дата 08.02.2018
    Bake a Heart inside a cupcake - Heart inside a heart Cookies! - Subscribe ...
    автор | дата 13.12.2018
    It's time to welcome Dane back to the channel to show you guys yet another way to get your macaron on! This time it's all about Christmas, of course, with these ...
    автор | дата 26.04.2018
    Check out my Rainbow playlist - SUBSCRIBE to my channel ...
    автор | дата 12.07.2018
    Make some Vanilla Cupcakes to pipe onto - Subscribe to my Channel - Check my ...
    автор | дата 27.12.2018
    Well hello-ho-ho-ho! How was your Festive period? Did you spend the whole time wondering if it was YOUR questions that would be answered in this video?
    автор | дата 28.02.2017
    Yup! You thought I'd given you everything I had for Pancake Day already! But NO! There is more. You guys deserve it. So this Pancake Day, or for any other day ...
    автор | дата 27.09.2018
    Like Cinnamon? Try these - Subscribe to my channel - My lovely merch!
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