Tibetan Healing Sounds┇Singing Bowls @ 528Hz Fire Sounds

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    Pure Meditative Healing Sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls tuned to 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency. The Miracle Tone. The Love Frequency. The Frequency of Solar Plexus Chakra. We have combined this miracle singing bowl music with the sound of the primary element of Solar Plexus Chakra - Fire. This can really help in meditation and even simple relaxation. During meditation, the sound of 528Hz Singing Bowl Music combined with fire sounds can help bring more focus and attention to the center of solar plexus chakra and effects of 528Hz can bring in deep healing. And during relaxation, it acts as a background ASMR sound, helping in calming the stress!! Copyright ⓒ 2018 Meditative Mind™. All Rights Reserved.
    автор | дата 31.01.2016
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