How to make : origami heart box

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    Learn in this video how to make a Heart envelope that opens like a box! Learn in this video how to make an origami special for Valentine's Day. . Download this video here: Http:// . The original model was created by Francis Ow, this video I made small changes, but the end result is almost the same. I recommend using a ColorPlus paper square, or sulfite, the size you prefer ( but square). . To access the contents of the links just wait 5 seconds and close the advertisement in the upper right corner. . How to get perfect paper squares: . Help with the translation: . Click here to see all my videos: . Business contact: . Facebook: http: // Twitter: Instagram: . Subscribe to the channel: My goal with this video is to spread the art of origami with an easy-to-understand tutorial so that more people can learn, if you are the creator of this model and want me to remove the video, let me know in the comments.
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    In this video I teach how to make a heart envelope that opens like a box! Learn in this video how to make a special origami for Valentine's Day. The original ...
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    For how to make the pieces CLICK the link in the beginning or find the tutorial on my channel If you want to support me to make more tutorials you can donate ...
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    Learn in this video how to make a Paper Heart Ring very easy to do. How about giving a gift equal to that on Valentine's Day? Make yourself your own Heart ...
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    How to make an inflatable heart? Celebrating Mother's Day I bring here a heart origami, it is easy to make and is a great gift. It can be used any size of paper as ...
    This tutorial will teach you how to make an easy paper DIY origami heart envelope and box, the perfect Valentine's Day Craft! Kids will love this origami paper ...
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    I N T R O ○ ☆▭▭▭▭▭○ Heart Slider card-It is used for valentines day and can also be used to place it in explosion box.You can gift it to your boyfriend...
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    Easy box with 2 locks. Heart shape lock box Heart Shaped Gift Box no template Gift for sweetheart Ideas for Father's day Christmas gift box, Ideas for gift ...
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    How to make a paper heart box | Easy origami heart box for beginners making | DIY-Paper Crafts SUBSCRIBE: how to make minion pencil ...
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    [Surala World - Origami] Origami - Heart Box, Gift Box (How to make a Paper box, A Box with a Heart decoration, chocolate box for Valentine's Day ) (Created by ...
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    In this Video you will Learn: How to make an Origami Heart Box and Envelope. Origami Heart Box with Message. Paper Heart Box. Thank You For Watching.
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    Tutorial how to make a Origami Heart Box. Do you need gift for someone special? Give it at this lovely box! Remember, the best gifts are made by yourself. Heart ...
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    If you are trying to search for “How to make an easy Origami heart box & Envelope”, you are watching the right clip. Within this “Origami hart box and Envelope ...
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    How to make Origami Heart Box with Lid You'll need 2 pieces of square paper for this project SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more cool tutorials: ...
    Play Lists Links Box Collection : Valentine Heart Collection ...
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    Pagina de Facebook: Canal ShinyThings: Twitter: ...
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    This video is about how to make 3d origami heart box for jewelry. Model created and folded by Amel Ptw. Create Your Own For Save Your Money :)
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    かわいいハートがくっついた箱の折り方です。It is how to fold the box in which the lovely heart adhered. ▽かわいい折り紙 Lovely Origami ...
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    Difficulty (Simple) This video demonstrates how to fold an origami heart. This is a very simple model and it is perfect for all beginners! Enjoy the ...
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    A beautiful heart shaped gift box out of paper. These are perfect for birthdays,party favors or any other occasion.If you liked it, please click like and subscribe.
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    Perfect for Valentine's Day, birthdays, or any other gift-giving ...Watch how to make an origami heart with message. Paper: 16 x 4 cm (4:1) ♥ Also check out some ...
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    How To Make A Heart Shaped Paper Gift Box | DIY Gift Box Making (Very Easy): Hello and welcome. Today I am making a heart ...
    Learn how to make an opening origami heart box! This origami envelope pops up to become a box. Or use it as a cute envelope! Great to send a love letter in for ...
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    [High Intermediate] Tutorial for how to fold an origami Heart Box designed by Jeremy Shafer. For a clearer, more in depth tutorial for this model click here: ...
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    Lid (one heart) - Lid (double heart) - Learn how to create an Origami Heart Box! I'm Tadashi Mori, and ...
    Origami: Caja de corazón y sobre - Origami: Heart Box & Envelope Hola amigos, gracias por haber visto este vídeo, en este tutorial te enseño a hacer un ...
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    A perfect gift box ( 摺紙心形) for that someone special this festive season!!
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    Learn how to make Tiny Heart Box. Watch more: Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe ...
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    Make an Origami Heart and Keep Romance Alive SUBTITULOS EN ESPAÑOL. Learn how to make an easy origami heart which can be opened into a box.
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    This Video is a Tutorial Video on How to make a opening box origami. Second Nature by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ...
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    How to fold an origami Valentine's Day changing faces heart cube using my FREE printable origami paper. A fun decoration for Valentine's Day! ---------- My ...
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    Origami Heart with Message Paper size: 4x16 cm Other " Instagram: Carefree by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ...
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    [Intermediate] Tutorial for how to fold an origami Heart Box. This is a remake of the original Heart Box tutorial ( ). In this video I ...
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    Learn to make paper heart box or Love box easy steps. This is a paper folding art. The art of folding paper was early atarted in Europe, and after China and then ...
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    Heart envelope that opens like a box! Learn in this video how to make an origami special for Valentine's Day. The original model was created by Francis Ow ...
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    If You want to tell somebody about your feelings, but you don't know how... Or you just want to send cute gift card to your friend.. Just take some color paper, ...
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    In this video i teach you how to make a easy origami heart box for Valentine's Every week, there are new, interesting and informative videos that will make you ...
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    Tutorial -Origami Heart-Box -Corazón en origami DIY Origami Heart Box . Ideas for Easter. Gifts for Woman. Ideas for Mother's day Envelope with Secret ...
    Here are the instructions to make a cute origami heart box, this box has a surprising lid which you can't see on first glance, and would make a great gift box for ...
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