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    Bayer’s Consumer Health’s brand, Redoxon Triple action has launched an interesting new "viral" campaign created by J. Walter Thompson Singapore that saw the agency create‘sneezing screens’ viral campaign at one of the largest pedestrian confined spaces in Singapore. The drive behind the campaign is to demonstrate the rapid spread of viral germs at close proximity, with an innovative. Thus, the "viral" campaign. Get it? The campaign has taken over one of the busiest underpasses in Singapore, underneath shopping mecca Orchard’s ION Link, to illustrate the literally viral, rapid and expansive spread of 100,000 germs over 25 feet (7 meters) with just one single sneeze. Video uploaded with the permission of J. Walter Thompson
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    Experimenta la Ultra Realidad en nuestros nuevos LG UltraHD. Infórmate más sobre sus características en:
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    giralsmoke #greenscreensmoke #newviralvideo #LikeMe *Copyright Notice.. Du recorder
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    CALLING ALL FAIL FANS! IT'S TIME FOR PHONE FAILS! Everyones worst nightmare is breaking their phone! Enjoy this comp that is sure to make you laugh ...
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    ComptQuip Mini Screens Fines Removed.
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    Everyone has problems with their old mobile phones. As soon as these cell phones cross the six-month mark, tiny issues start showing up. Broken screens, low ...
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    Bored of New Apps? This is my tutorial on how to turn your phone into a Hologram Projector! Join the Mrwhosetheboss Squad: ...
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    I played a trick on my math class for April Fool's Day. In this one, I'm showing a "homework help" video that gets some trigonometry wrong. How embarrassing!
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    Michael Aranda explains five of the worst computer viruses that have hit the net! Hosted by: Michael Aranda ---------- Support SciShow by becoming a patron on ...
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    Beargreenscreen #Greenscreen #Viralvideo #LikeMe #Greenscreeneffects.
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    A spoken word film for an online generation. 'Look Up' is a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier ...
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    Subscribe to our channel to be the first to see our viral, breaking news videos. Rail bosses are investigating after a digital ...
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    UPDATE: Check out my new video that explains how I did it. the way it works is pretty simple: plug in my transmitter into the iphone 4 and play back any video ...
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    Watch creepiest Hollywood Creatures Seen On Big Screens | Mummies, Aliens...viral videos 2016.
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    Occurred on March 13, 2017 / Australia "A customer came into the store with screen damaged iPhone 6+ for repair. The customer wanted repair of broken ...
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    Trying to beat my brother's shoe flip video with this quick tutorial. Hope it goes viral.
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    Whatever happened to doing things for real? Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for top 10 worst ...
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    Do you have a problem with speaking in English? Are you always confused between “there” and “their”? Is English the reason for your single life? Is it tough for ...
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    This video and the MotivaShian channel were created by LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner: From #INTRODUCTIONS (2015) by ...
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    VR Videos 3D SBS - Project Cars 2 VR 3D video gameplay in real 3D 60fps for Google Cardboard VR Box, Samsung Gear VR, oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Pimax VR.
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    Add two slide-out displays to your Mac or PC laptop with this Kickstarter product Two screens slide out of this laptop Attachment When one laptop display isn't ...
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    Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: ...
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    Junior (1994) - Arnold Schwarzenegger's Pregnancy Dream Scene.
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    To celebrate Pride Month, we've created limited edition Love Has No Labels Pride apparel so you can wear your pride on your sleeve. Check out our Teespring ...
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    Subscribe our channel for any kind of help about services on broadband. We provide you best satisfaction about your difficulties,that you have on Youtube ...
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    Watch more videos for more updates. Stay Tuned & Subscribed Mammoothy's 'Masterpiece' All Set To Hit Screens Malayalam actor ...
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    glassofjuicegreenscreen #skyreplacement #newgreenscreenvideo #beachgreenscreen #LikeMe #newviralvideo.
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    A video of a tourist guide terrified by the sight of a bridge's glass bottom cracking has gone viral recently in East Taihang Mountains, in Handan city, north ...
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    Music & Video by Brunettes Shoot Blondes WATCH OUR NEW VIDEO: Buy on iTunes: ...
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    An amazing smartphone app turns common people into powerful hackers and hidden cameras record their reaction as they unwillingly hack a street of Los ...
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    Broken iPhone screens have always been a nightmare for their owners. Now Apple has finally shown off the process by which they repair the phones.
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    Narnia | Lion Green Screen Effect | New Viral video #Narnia #liongreenscreen #greenscreen #LikeMe No copyright infringement intended. This Video is made ...
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    Don't Panic. Clean anything off a window screen with water. How to get paint off a window screen. TOOLS USED IN VIDEO⚒ Dirtex Cleaner: ...
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    PEOPLE VS GLASS! Broken Windows, Shattered Glasses, Cracked Screens and MORE FUNNY FAILS! The BEST FAILS brings you the NEW FUNNIEST FAILS ...
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    Viral Party Host Corey Worthington Is Back on Screens For Ninja Warrior Appearance: ...
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    Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me. You need not drastically minimize your time on social media and commit to spending time completely unplugged.
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    What did the men in the viral film Stage Fright - So Real It's Scary 2 see? In this revealing short BEHIND THE SCREENS we show you a selection of the films that ...
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    Viral video After Effects template (No lines over the screens) AE Project:
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    If you are reading this, you've seen a screen with your eyes. But have you REALLY seen it though? Like real proper seen it? Don't worry, Gav is here to help you ...
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